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What Does It Take to Buy a Home in Santa Cruz?

Jennet Kresge

At Home In Santa Cruz

Hi, I’m Jennet Kresge, and I LOVE helping buyers moving to the Santa Cruz area find their perfect community, and ultimately their perfect home!
I want YOU to feel At Home In Santa Cruz!

I drove across country to Santa Cruz from the East Coast at the end of the summer of 1990. I was embarking on my adult life. I was clueless about Santa Cruz (about a lot of things really), but Santa Cruz was a college town near the beach, so how could I go wrong, right?

Well, I WAS right, Santa Cruz is an AMAZING place to live! I am still here after 30+ years! As a renter AND a homeowner, I have lived in MANY different communities of Santa Cruz County, from the mountains to the beach! Having lived in so many Santa Cruz communities, I know the "bests", the “secret spots”, and I understand the nuances between the different areas of Santa Cruz County so I can best guide YOU in finding YOUR perfect community, and ultimately your perfect home! 

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I promise not to send recipes, or cute kitty videos! Just current, relevant, valuable information to educate you about the stuff that matters when preparing to buy or sell a home in Santa Cruz County. 

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What My Clients Say About Me

I had a very pleasant time with Jennet as my agent. She was prompt in replying to messages and often went above and beyond as an agent. For several months, she was exemplary in her dedication as she led us around many potential homes that fit what we were looking for and gave us a lot of great advice along the way. Jennet was very thorough and concise in clarifying information and details on the houses we looked at. She was also very knowledgeable about Santa Cruz, the neighborhood conditions, and general information about the houses in the area. I had an extremely smooth and satisfying experience buying a house with Jennet as my agent and would be happy to work with her again in the future.   ~ Hanson ~

We were very lucky to have found Jennet Kresge as our Realtor. She helped us find the right house that we wanted. Jennet is very experienced, knowledgeable and honest. We were impressed with her good advice and hard work! It was our great pleasure to work with her! ~ Nora ~

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