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Tips to create the ideal home-study space for your child

Jennet Kresge

One of the biggest questions during the COVID-19 crisis is whether or not schools should reopen. It’s challe...

Learn about 3 hidden household hazards

Jennet Kresge

When you bought your home you most likely had a home inspector visit to find out what, if anything, is...

There’s more to buying a home than taking on a monthly mortgage payment

Jennet Kresge

There are good reasons that homebuyers are counselled to see a lender early in the homebuying process. Yes, he...

Tips to consider when it’s time to purchase homeowners insurance

Jennet Kresge

If you won’t be paying cash for your home the lender will require that you purchase a homeowners insurance p...

Easy tips to secure your home in one weekend

Jennet Kresge

When moving into a new home, securing it is typically on the “to-do” list. After you’ve lived in a home....

Spiff up your home’s landscaping for an Autumn sale

Jennet Kresge

How does an extra 5 to 11% of your home’s selling price sound? Michigan State University researchers found t...

How Do Late Payments Impact My Credit Reports?

Jennet Kresge

Since the middle of March, more than 57 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits. Even with th...

Home buying 101

Jennet Kresge

Wouldn’t it be great if high schools and colleges actually taught real-world concepts? The phrase “Kids do...

The Best Ways to Get a Shine on a Laminate Floor

Jennet Kresge

It’s difficult to believe when looking at it, but a laminate floor is actually just a photograph of wood. Th...


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