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What Does It Take to Buy a Home in Santa Cruz?

Jennet Kresge

At Home In Santa Cruz

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Hi, I’m Jennet Kresge, and I LOVE helping buyers moving to the Santa Cruz area find their perfect community, and ultimately their perfect home!
I want YOU to feel At Home In Santa Cruz!

I drove across country to Santa Cruz from the East Coast at the end of the summer of 1990. I was embarking on my adult life. I was clueless about Santa Cruz (about a lot of things really), but Santa Cruz was a college town near the beach, so how could I go wrong, right?

Well, I WAS right, Santa Cruz is an AMAZING place to live! I am still here after 30+ years! As a renter AND a homeowner, I have lived in MANY different communities of Santa Cruz County, from the mountains to the beach! Having lived in so many Santa Cruz communities, I know the "bests", the “secret spots”, and I understand the nuances between the different areas of Santa Cruz County so I can best guide YOU in finding YOUR perfect community, and ultimately your perfect home! 

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